What we're aboutEdit

Project LGBT (also known as Project Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender) is non-profit organization founded by User:Orbstar, and co-founded by User:BachLynn23 and User:Iceclaw100. The purpose of the project is to create a safe community where kids and teenagers can feel comfortable to talk about their sexuality.

Our goalsEdit

  • To create a safe community where kids and teenagers can feel comfortable talking about their sexuality.
  • To raise disscussion about LGBT rights and issues
  • To help kids feel more comfortable about coming out of the closet in their household or school
  • To protest the no gay marriage law in over 30 U.S. states
  • To help kids feel more comfortable about being L/G/B/T in their household

Site/project affiliationEdit

Here at Project LGBT, we have site affiliation with other sites to raise awarness about our project and help promote disscussion. Here is a current list of our affiliates

Site name: Representative: Logo:
Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki BachLynn23 Chbrpgwiki
Glee RP Wiki Orbstar Glee
Actors Wiki BachLynn23 155px-Actors logo
Rebecca's Recipes Wiki BachLynn23 150px-Recipes wiki
Creativity Unleashed Wiki BachLynn23 Cu wiki

Current project membersEdit

The following is a list of users that currently work at Project LGBT:

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Inactive membersEdit


  1. ItsjustJake
  2. BeatriceMillerIsTheBest

Current project's being worked onEdit

  1. Community corner - A safe place where kids and teenagers can promote talk and disscussion, and share their stories related to the LGBT rights movement.
  2. More to come...



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